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 First Quality Hand-Made Boxing Gloves

Twins Boxing Gloves with the Lace-up wrist closure are made to withstand the immense abuse that world-class Martial Arts fighters put their equipment through. The 6, 8, and 10 oz gloves are intended for competition. The 12, 14, 16, and 18 oz gloves are best for training and sparring. Their heavier construction provides for a demanding workout as the attached thumb design helps prevent hand injuries.

These Boxing Gloves were created to improve the correct punching technique; the extra hand padding is ideal for heavy bag work and sparring. These extraordinary gloves will provide you with the efficiency and lasting durability that has made TWINS a giant in the world of Martial Arts.

The Lace-up wrist closure provides for the ultimate custom fit; this creates unparalleled security and supports for the wrist. Whether you are training in MMA, western boxing, Muay Thai, or traditional karate you will not find better quality leather Boxing Gloves on the market.

As with all TWINS products the craftsmanship, functionality, and visual aesthetic are unrivaled. All of our Boxing Gloves are made from the best quality, high density padding and each one is crafted by hand from select 100% leather.

Price/1 pair: USD103.23
GST 0% Incl: USD103.25
Price/1 pair: RM320.00
GST 0% Incl:RM320.00



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