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Product ID: TE2012A


This top quality of target were design to counter  crack at the middle of the double pad,which happen oftenly. Made of  high quality durable synthetic leather , additional double layer black synthethic  leather cover on the flap with new additional of patches at middle withhold the target. The easy grip padding with pure EVA ,high resilient and high durability,fine sewing,special plastic rubber handle,inside adding with second layer plastic plate,soft and comfortable to touch yet strong enough to withstand intensive punching and kicking on a daily basis,this clapper target is an ideal piece of tough training.

Material:High Quality Synthetic Leather

Measurement app: 42cm x 20cm x 7cm


Price/1 Unit: USD13.84
GST 0% Incl: USD13.85
Price/1 Unit: RM42.90
GST 0% Incl:RM42.90


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