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TOP TEN Companyis an AIBA Official Boxing Equipment Licensee. Approved by AIBA, comes with AIBA certification label for official competitions

TOP TEN official AIBA Boxing Headguard has a one-piece molded inner padding covered with leather.

The technological Know How from existing TOP TEN products was used to develop a head guard made of leather, as the demand for a TOP TEN leather head guard has been overwhelming.

A one-piece molded inner padding is covered with leather.
- The inner padding is made from an extremely elastic and shock absorbent polyurethane foam rubber
- This new head guard features extra padding around the ears
- The inner surface is made of a velour leather that prevents the head guard from slipping
- Tested at the Technical University of Berlin

A.I.B.A. Label with product.

Price/1 Unit: USD135.77
GST 0% Incl: USD135.75
Price/1 Unit: RM420.90
GST 0% Incl:RM420.90



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