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    OMAS Free Standing Punching Bag 

    Color: Green

    Main Part
    Height Total: 178CM
    Body Height: 151CM 
    Diameter: 35CM 
    Inside Material: PE Form and fiber 
    cloth Connect inside: Spring 

    Support part:
    1*Iron Plant Size: 43*43cm, each with 16 pcs sucking disc
    Base Size: 60*60*36cm
    Sport: Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing
    Color: Black
    Item Weight: 30kg
    Outer Material: Polyester

    The surface of the boxing sandbag is screen-printed, thickened with nylon threads, and the top is filled with polyester-cotton corners to increase the fullness. The four-layer EV sandbag.
    The bottom of the boxing sandbag uses 24 vacuum suction cups, which have strong suction power and are not easy to be knocked down. The surface of the sandbag simulates human feel, high elasticity does not hurt hands, and is windproof and rainproof.
    Boxing punching bag has good shock absorption effect, safer and quieter, equipped with three sets of spring cushioning, FBT beef tendon cushioning, toughness rebound and uniform force.
    Boxing sandbags can be applied to various grounds such as concrete floor, ceramic tile, wooden floor, carpet, etc., with strong stability and will not affect the ground.

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