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    Chain octagon plastic nanchaku is perfect for developing quick hand movements and improving posture, whilst also blocking, striking and trapping. The octagonal shape of the nunchaku is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, giving you a secure grip when in use. Made from virtually unbreakable polypropylene plastic, this high-performance nunchaku features a modern seven-link chain that is connected to a ball bearing swivel to provide a smooth rotation and a very fast spin. Features a solid grip handle with grooves and inscribed detailing along the handle. Easy to wipe clean before and after use. 35cm black handles. 14.5cm seven-link chain. 

    • Develop quick hand movements and improve posture
    • Chain provides smooth rotation and fast spin
    • Octagonal shape for secure, comfortable grip
    • Polypropylene plastic reduces the risk of injury
    • 35cm handles / 14.5cm seven-link chain

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