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    Relatively light with 185grm, it is aimed at people with a beginner level who want to train with a foam nunchaku, before moving to hard model nunchaku (wood or steel)

    Here is a very effective weapon when you know how to use it... The origin of nunchaku is disputed, but we know that it was used in Japan, but it might comes from China (where it is named «suang jie gun» or «er jie gun»). It becomes very popular when Bruce Lee used it in his movies.

    -Corded Foam Nunchaku
    -Ideal for practicing
    -Training weapon
    -Chain provides smooth rotation and fast spin
    -Bruce Lee with golden design

    Composition: Foam
    Color: Black, Blue and Red
    Discipline: Wushu
    Junction: Chain
    Section length: 30 cm
    Junction length: 10 cm
    Diameter: 3 cm

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