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    Grapple Dummy MMA
    Grappling is a very important move in the field of wrestling. Many moves can be initiated from this position. However, the performers and professionals need extensive practice to pull a great grappling move. Naturally, they can’t just practice tirelessly and continuously on another human being.
    This model has hands and feet ideal to drill various leg locks, ankle locks, heel hooks, toe holds, wrist locks, and much more.

    Height: 190cm
    Neck: 54cm
    Shoulder to hand: 180cm
    Chest: 93cm
    Waist: 88cm
    Hip: 107
    Filled: 30-32 kgs Soft fabric

    ★ SPECIAL FEATURE: Hands and Feet designed for submission drills for leg locks, ankle locks, heel hooks, toe holds, wrist locks, etc.
    ★Made with Ultra-Durable Triple-Ply Synthetic Leather to be able to Resist Damage During Practice
    ★Life-sized and Available in Multiple Sizes for Optimum Training Practice for Adults and Kids
    ★Designed for Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    ★Made of premium "Micro Fiber", which is durable, flexible and odorless
    ★The dummy can be positioned in a perfect sit-down posture, making it ideal for BJJ drills
    ★Excellent for many BJJ and MMA drills such as guard, guard passing, sweep, submission, control, ground and pound and, attack.
    ★The latest version adds toes and hands for better practice all leg locks, wrist locks and toe holds
    ★Unique design of shoulder system and chin gives the perfect feeling of training with a real human

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