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OMAS Kinesiology Tape is your reliable, go-to tape when you would to challenge your limits and outdo the competition

How does it work?
1.Once the tape is stretched and placed over the skin, it recoils slightly creating small folds in the skin which lift and separate the skin slightly from the deeper tissue.
2.This lifting effect decompresses pain receptors, blood, and lymphatic vessels.
3.This prevents muscles from sending pain signals to the brain, enhances blood flow and movement of lymphatic fluid.

OMAS  Kinesiology Tape is perfect for: 
young and old,pregnant women,professionals and amateurs,gym lifters, literally ANYONE have an active lifestyle.

Kinesiology tape does not works unless it stays on your body
Use the kinesiology tape stay on for up to 7 days.
Added Spandex improves flexibility while maintaining elasticity.
Made with hypoallergenic medical grade materials that is water resistant yet gentle to the skin.
One uncut roll:2 in x 16.5 ft. let you customize it for every part of your body.

Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape will help you with:
knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, arm pain, wrist pain, back and lower back pain, neck pain, ankle pain
foot pain, abdominal pain, pain in bicep, triceps pain, quad pain, calf pain and so on

Don't let pain and injury pain to slow you down. Let REVIVE help you be you all day everyday.

SPEED UP RECOVERY:FOU Kinesiology Tape helps to reduce muscle fatigue and joint pain and promotes blood cycling faster recovery.
INCREASE PERFORMANCE:Kinesioloy Tape increases exercise performance,let your muscles easier back to neutral status.
AVOID INJURY:No matter you are beginner or expert,FOU Kinesiology Tape effective your everyday activities and help to avoid injury.
SPECIFICATION:This kinesiology tape use cotton material,uncut rolls with 2 inch x 16.4 ft /5cm x 5m for each box.
STRONG ADHESION:Kinesiology Tape use superior material,even under full stretch,Tape is not easy to fall off.

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