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    Made of high-quality steel pipe material with high strength, It has six fixed points for stronger bearing capacity and not easy to loosen.
    The whole adopts triangle structure support design, which has high stability and good safety performance. It can bear any heavy sandbag without bending and deformation.
    Accessories include 6 expansion screws for product assembly. install the main body and tighten the screws to complete.
    It can be wall mounted for home gym, living room or garage. Whether it is placed indoors or outdoors, it will not affect your use. It can help you exercise your whole body muscles and keep your body and mind happy.
    Great for Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Punching Bags, Heavy Boxing Bags, Speed Ball, Reflex Ball, Training Fitness etc.

    Material: Steel
    Size: 30cmX100cm = 100KG

    Package Includes
    1 Piece Punching Bag Wall Hanger

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