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    • The punching/bold dummy is made of a very high density, heavy weight silicone foam to accurately represent a punch partner. The foam is shock-absorbing and realistically flexible.
    • The training dummy functions flexible neck construction reduce the forces transferred to the base to improve stability even at the most powerful of kicks and punches.
    • The dummy is in the form of an anatomically correct sporty male that helps to prepare for competitions with real help.
    • The dummy itself is 125 cm high with a total height including base of 175 cm. The base is 65 cm in diameter and can be filled with sand or water, there is no chance to throw it over.
    • Extremely heavy training doll in full size! The soft material provides accurate human structure for accuracy and realism in your training.
    • Include base suction cup for stability.

    Can be filled with water or sand. Weighs approximately 43 kg;140kgs when filled with water.

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