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    OMAS wrecking ball hanging bag is made of 100% PU artificial leather with woven backing. With top part covered in PU and the unique curvy shape for hitting area qualited seams on black leather. Four part engaged with heavyweight wielded PP strap with swivel, galvanized finish.
    Designed Specifically for Muay Thai Stand-up Clinching, Kneeing, Punching and Kicking Drills with the Unique Tear Drop Shape to Simulate an Opponent.
    Design for Muay Thai Stand-Up Clinching Punching, Kicking and Kneeing Drills to Simulate an Opponent.

    *Diameter app: 120CM X 35CM
    *Hanging chain included.
    *Weight app for 120cm: 44kgs to 47kgs.
    *Filled with waste cloth
    *Bracket excluded
    *Unfilled punching bag also available(Beg kosong pun ada jualan)

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