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TRY AND DO mengeluarkan beg gantung kulit sintetik (PVC) yang tahan lama. Permukaan lasak ini direka bentuk untuk menahan MMA atau latihan tugas berat.
*Apl diameter: 140CM X 40CM
*Termasuk rantai gantung.
*Aplikasi berat untuk : 35kgs hingga 40kgs.
*Diisi dengan kain sisa
*Unfilled punching bag also available(Beg kosong pun ada jualan)



TRY AND DO production of durable synthetic leather (PVC) hanging bag. It's rugged surface is design to withstand MMA or heavy-duty workouts.
*Diameter app: 140CM X 40CM
*Hanging chain included.
*Weight app for : 35kgs to 40kgs.
*Filled with waste cloth
*Unfilled punching bag also available(Beg kosong pun ada jualan)

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This made of Synthetic leather punching bag, gives you a smooth and solid surface. its also come with a reinforce patch, stitch and rivet, and joined tape with shell to hold the triangle ring for extra strangth & prevent rip off

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