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    Eva Martial Arts Mat 2.5cm non-slip

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    Create a safe environment for training.
    Constructed of high-quality EVA foam, puzzle mats are extremely durable and designed to last for years.
    They provide sure-footed support for stepping and kicking drills, yet absorb shock for jumping and falling drills.
    The non-slip surface will increase the safety for your students.
    Available floor mat is double colour RED/BLUE mats with pattern "CIRCLE"
    MOQ is applicable for other pattern and colour.Foam: solid (blocks, sheets)
    Hardness: 30°± 3°
    Elongation Ratio: 140 %
    Tensile Strength:  6.0 kg/cm2
    Tear Strength:  1.5 kg/cm
    Compression Strength 25%: 0.40 kg/cm2
    Compression Set 25%: under 3.5%
    Density: 0.08-0.1 g/cm3
    Water Absorption: under 0.003 g/cm3
    Liner Shrinkage 70℃: ±5.0 %
    Thermal Conductivity: under 0.04 (kal/℃)

    Size: 105cm x 105cm x 2.5cm

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