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    Made of fine wood with firm gripping with quality bearing.
    *Octagon shape

    Ideal for blocking, striking and trapping
    Perfect for energetic demonstrations
    Chain provides smooth rotation and fast spin
    Made from wood - All-natural hardwood.
    30.5cm handles

    Made of all-natural hardwood with a black or natural finish. This nunchaku handles measure at 12". Features a ball bearing swivel chain for smooth spinning during competitions or training.
    Commonly used as a farming tool in the olden days, nunchucks today are used for forms, demonstrations and even sometimes competitions. One of the most famous martial artist, Bruce Lee, readily used nunchaku in his training.
    Nunchucks are a great tool for training. It can improve hand eye co-ordination and flexibility within the arms. It is today, one of most popular and technical item available. Get yours today and see how far you can go.

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