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    The Red Oak Bokken is made of high quality red oak with superb workmanship for professional trainee. If you know anything about swords, you know that metal ones can be unforgiving with mistakes, especially if they're sharpened. But these 40" daito bokken won't cut you, because they're made out of wood!

    The red wood practice swords are sanded for a smooth finish. There's even a rubber tsuba included for extra realism in sword techniques.

    The natural wood varies from sword to sword, but these wooden bokken typically weigh a little over a pound. 
    This item is an upgraded from normal red oak bokken with quality finishing.

     High Quality Red Oak Bokken highlights:

    Crafted out of  quality red oak
    Smooth finish
    Matching rubber guard
    Weight: A little over a pound

    Wood Bokken Dimensions:

    Blade Length: 29" (approx.)
    Overall Length: 40" (approx.)

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